Friday, February 11, 2011


The theme this week is “words”. I went through a lot of ideas this week. Most of which I’ve filed away for later, but I’ve got a sweet tooth something awful so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, an interesting picture and a delicious breakfast.

57mm ISO 800 f/5 1/125sec


Slightly Cropped. PW’s Sharpen & Define. TheCoffeeShop’s Lomo Action.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Muse

MCP Project 52: Muse/Week 5

I have so many Muses to choose from but Sara is hands down my favorite 10 year old muse. I only wish I was as smart, beautiful, and talented as she is.
52 mm f/6.3 1/20 sec ISO 800 I used my LightScoop on the flash.

For the edits I just ran CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait and couldn’t decide between the color or Black and White.


Sara what do you think?

Soothing Repetition

MCP Project 52: Soothing Repetition/Week 4

Staircase in Independence Hall
35mmm f/8 1/2 sec ISO 1600 ( would have liked a smaller aperture but I was hand holding the camera)


PW’s Define and Sharpen Action and a color adjustment layer


PW’s Define and Sharpen and Coffe Shop’s Vintage News minus the texture layer.

Shade of Gray

MCP Project 52: Shades of Gray/Week 3

Perry’s kitten Fleury IMG_3263-2011-02-5-15-29.JPG
65mm f/2.8 1/125 sec ISO1600


PW’s Define and Sharpen and CoffeeShop’s Eye Bright and Lomo... I really love that Lomo action.

Leaving On a Jet Plane

The MCP project 52 for week 2 was interpret a song. Since I’ve been out of town I haven’t been able to post or upload them to flickr, and I’m playing catch up but they were taken on time. I love seeing the curve of the earth.

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.......
24mm f/11at 1/50 sec ISO 800


I used a tutorial from Practical Photography, that I bought to read on the plane, and learned to turn selections into layer masks and adjust the levels of each area separately. It’s not perfect but it is closer to what it actually looked like.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby, It's Cold outside

Does cold and foggy make for a good walk? Not really but it makes kinda nifty pictures and it makes you appreciate the warm when you come back in to edit.

I really liked this straight out of the camera, but it was fun to play with it too.

ISO 800, 56 mm, f/5, 1/50

I cropped it then used CoffeeShop’s free actions for both versions.

This is the Vintage News Action but I took out the texture and the soft glow.


This is the Vintage Butterscotch Action with the layers adjusted slightly. Preferences?

MCP Project 52

The talented Jodi Friedman over at MCP Actions has started a new 52 Project and has invited everyone to join her. I have been wanting to try a 365 Project and I’m going to give it the old college try, but knowing me if I missed more than a day I would give it up as hopeless.... soooooo.... I am officially committing to Jodi’s MCP Project 52: Photo a Week. I’m even going to stick to the given theme. (And we’ll see how close I can get to 365 photos this year.)

Since the point of this project, for me, is to improve both my photography and learn at least a tiny bit of editing, (Specifically, try not to weep and gnash my teeth in frustration if every photo isn’t perfect straight out of the camera.) I will be posting both the SOC version and the edited version for each photo.

So with out further adieu here is week 1.

ISO 100, 218 mm, f/5, 1/4, Using my gorillapod and shutter release.


I cropped it to get rid of the blown out needle threader and used PW Woman’s PS Actions Sharpen and Define/Seventies Action.